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Find out everything you need to know about color in the LAND OF COLOR book.

* Artists learn color theory with the basics of how colors work.

* Home owners get paint color help with everything you need including color samples and plans.

* Interior design students learn about color. I will share everything I know with 25 years experience.

Sign up for my FREE book about color and get the chapters emailed to you as it's written. Chapter one is in your inbox as soon as you fill out this LAND OF COLOR form.

Get on the list now because it won't be free once the book is finished. In about 12 weeks it will be available online but you will have to pay for it to get it. That's because I will have to pay someone else to handle the distribution of the book and everything costs something.

Free now or pay later! You will learn all the basics about color with diagrams and illustrations free right now.

If you are already a color specialist or a color consultant this book will be easy 101 stuff for you but you might want your clients to know about it. Educate your customers so they know how complicated your job can be and how much they need to depend on you for your expert advise.

If you are an artist you will love the easy to follow diagrams that show how to mix paint colors to your advantage. There's color charts and tips and tricks that artists understand. You will get explanations for why as well as how color works.

If you are a home owner you may need help with paint color choices. Find out what the basic color palettes are for homes and what the best color combinations are. You will learn how to choose colors objectively but you may still want a color professional to confirm your choices. There's no way I can teach you everything they know but you can get a good grip on how color works and where to start with color choices.

Sign up now for the new LAND OF COLOR book with new chapters every week.

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