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Wild Animal Prints in 4 Steps

4 Steps to Hand painted walls: Wild Animal Prints
Here is a beautiful design imagined by Kathy Barry a talented interior designer. This project was completed for one of her clients and they loved it! By following her design ideas I came up with this method to paint different animal skin prints on the walls of a guest bathroom. Here is how it's done:

1. Choose earth tone paint colors and mix half and half with water based glaze.
2. Use a moistened sponge to apply the paint in large organic shapes.
3. Use a marker to draw the animal print shapes on plastic. I use heavy clear plastic report covers.
The plastic is cut with an x-acto knife to create a stencil.  
Make sure to protect the surface underneath with a board or a piece of drywall. 
4. Tape the plastic stencil on the wall and brush over with glaze in the desired color.
I am using a cheap natural bristle brush because I want the finish to be rough and random.
More stripes can be added by moving the stencil around. 
Each of the different prints are created with the same technique. I used a sponge instead of a brush to apply the glaze over the leopard and giraffe stencils. Use a random design by applying the stencils at different angles. 
Results: beautiful faux finish on your walls. Now decorate the rest of the room with fun animal accents. Ask Kathy Barry if you need help. 

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