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ArtPrize: The story of Rain, Chapter 1; Entering ArtPrize

Reading about the concept for ArtPrize in the Grand Rapids Press the first time was exciting. Half a million dollars in prize money? For art? Unheard of! I talked to every artist I ran into to see what they thought about it. 

"Are you going to enter this competition? It's open to anyone in the world. No jury which means no hierarchy of art elitists who determine who or what gets in."

No one would commit but everyone was very much intrigued and pondered the possibilities. I began to formulate a plan.
Here was an opportunity to present my passion to the world; sculpture.

 I reserved a spot in my brain for ArtPrize dreaming. This was the think tank for materials acquisition and logistics, space planning, funding, and above all -inspiration and design. Whenever I caught myself in that daydreaming place I connected with the 'ArtPrize Station" and took up the task of flaming the dream.

No one knew what kind of impact this art exhibit would have in the Spring of 2009.  Not until it happened that Fall were people completely amazed.  

I knew that the prize money would draw a lot of competition and a lot of interested people and I hoped that my artwork would sell. The thought of winning some of that prize money was always a carrot but what kept me driving towards the goal was the commitment of having my name publicized. It is a huge risk to put yourself on the line out there where everyone can see it and talk about it. The public forum is daunting and scary.

I paid my $50 and signed up on line to be one of the hundreds of artists to take the risk. Then I found some info to post about myself and started the search for a venue.

LINK TO ArtPrize

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