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I teach a class about once a month at Rest Haven Homes in Grand Rapids, MI. This is an opportunity for any of the residents to learn about fine art. Our objective is to study and practice fine art techniques. Today we are learning about Monet and impressionism. 
Short brush strokes and lots of color.
White or yellow is added for the light reflective quality.
Using one of Monet's paintings for inspiration helps.
Another interpretation of the same painting.
Flower Garden by Monet
 Critics panned the concept of impressionism and made fun of Monet and his contemporaries but today this is one of the most popular classic styles.

This is the painting that started the Impressionist movement in 1872. It is titled Impression, Soliel Levant or Impression, Sunrise.
One of the most famous subjects: Water Lilies by Claude Monet


  1. I first saw a real Monet in a gallery in Manchester, New Hampshire. I had to just sit and stare for a long time. I didn't know anything about art, but I remember the flowers were amazing. Your art project looked so fun. Have you considered writing a homeschool curriculum for non artsy people like me who would love to still try to teach something to the kids? :)

  2. Keep following and you will learn some things. Watch the label "Easy Art" for projects that kids can do. I hope I can encourage you and inspire you to try some things and experience art for yourself. It's all about diving in and getting into the stuff that makes art whether learning about art or creating art.