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Who's Chihuly?

This is what I saw at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art
I felt as though I was diving in a coral reef and exploring things that would never be seen by the human eye. 
Neodymium Spears
The organic shapes that depict natural elements from the sea and nature are what gives Chihuly the edge with his glass sculpture. He gives us a look at vivid color and designs that we might never imagine. 
Did you miss the Chihuly Exhibit at Meijer Gardens? OK City has a permanent exhibit. They purchased all 18 exhibit installations plus a 55 foot tall Waterford Crystal Chandelier that is lit 24/7. It hangs in a window at the main entrance so you can see it from outside anytime day or night.
                                                                Rowboat with Floats
                                                                Ancestor White Seaforms


  1. I knew this name, and since I am NOT really an artsy person, I kinda' impressed myself. :)

    You might need to come to WA....this exhibit is in the building my husband works in. There are several glass blowing studios in downtown Seattle, too..lotsa artsy stuff, even in all city parks...


  2. Good idea! Chihuly is from Tacoma and I want to check out some bronze foundries in Oregon sometime. My sister is in Cottage Grove. Check out her blog - Laura Harmon- on the right.