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ArtPrize 2011; FACE ME; Artbeing

Want to know what I'm making for ArtPrize this year? It's going to be a kinetic sculpture so the whole thing will be based on metal parts with moving joints. Here's some of the cool stuff I get to choose from. This is all stainless steel and is being dismantled by Melching Demolition. They are donating anything I can use for the sculpture. 

 Here's some of the guys at Melching, Nick, Brock and Chris. They are always happy to help.

Here's some of the stuff I will be using to make FACE ME; Artbeing. It's stainless steel and will also be used to make the  medallions which were cut from some big sheets at the scrap yard. I used a grinding wheel to smooth the edges and polish them up. Then I used  Maggie's drill press to punch the holes. You get one if you support the cause on Kickstarter.

Here I am at Melching Demolition. The wrecking ball is what they use to demolish buildings, some of what's left you can see here. I had the pleasure of choosing anything!

Drawings of the sculpture are all you get to see now but I will be posting lots of pictures of the progress starting tomorrow. There will be a lot happening in the next few weeks with only about 5 weeks to go before ArtPrize begins.

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