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ArtPrize Critics don't like the top ten

I will take photos of the top ten so you can see what everyone is so up in arms about-
I must tell you I agree with the critic on this but it is hilarious to read!
and if you would like to read more about each piece the home page of ArtPrize.org
Here's one that's not top ten but the critics would have loved to see it there. I was really interested in this piece of art because it uses sound and it's interactive. Everyone was engaged in finding out more about this piece and walking into and through the art installation. 
Urban Center for Contemporary Arts is a brand new facility with galleries, a theatre and loft apartments. It's a major ArtPrize exhibitor so I tried to show some of the artwork there with the live feed laptop cam but the quality was not too hot sooooo…. here's a 3 minute video taken with my camera that shows an interesting exhibit I saw there today. 
The sound and sculpture installation is called Wappen Field. You can pause the video when the artist statement is shown to read about it….that is if you can understand "artspeak." 
Artspeak is my new favorite word. This is what I call art gobbledygook. It's not that artists don't have something significant to say it's just that they (we) have such a hard time verbalizing these complicated concepts. (and also want to sound really intellectual and elevated)
So enjoy this video and as you listen you will hear some strange musical sounds that come from the helmets. 

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