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Michigan and ArtPrize

Isn't this scenery nice? You get to watch these beautiful trees turn fall colors as I work on FACE ME for ArtPrize.
This is the fun part- bending the steel and making the shapes for the sculpture. The forge is heating up and now the parts are fitting together nicely. The forge is filled with coal and the fire needs to be stoked for about a half hour before it's hot enough. Then the steel is placed right on the coal for a few minutes until it is red (really!!) hot. The steel is then taken to the anvil and pounded out and bent to the shape desired. 

 Heating the metal on the forge takes a few minutes.
 This iron is RED HOT! Right off the forge and ready to bend once I know the shape I want to make.
Paul Evans is helping me with the assembling process. We're at his place in the Byron Center area south of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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