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ArtPrize 2011; FACE ME; Artbeing. Process

The process of building FACE ME; First I came up with a concept….
Then I decided what to make it out of and looked for places to find the materials I would need….

Next I looked for people who would like to get involved. Lots of people said, "I can help!" Drew from Keller Ford helped me with used parts. He talked to the mechanics and found all kinds of cool stuff.

  Joshua and Paul Evans said, "Sure! We love to weld and cut and bend steel. We can help." 

Then I designed some fun stuff to give away to my supporters. Miriam Yisel models the medallion that the supporters of FACE ME get. Kickstarter has all the info.

You can make a keychain with it or use it as a necklace or even hang it in a picture frame. The medallions will have your name engraved and will be signed by me.

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